Tuition for All Major Subjects

tuition and tutors for all subjects imgHistory, Geography, Geology, Psychology, Religous Studies, Philosophy and Ethics, Economics and Business Studies, Sociology, Health and Social Care, Politics and Government, Law and any other courses are all covered by our teachers and tutors.

All of our teachers are local, graduates in their main subjects and many are senior examiners for AQA, OCR and Ed Excel for the examinations taken throughout the GCSE, A/S and A/2 years.

Exam technique and how to write successfully at this level are incredibly important and our teachers/tutors focus on how to assimilate knowledge and then successfully write it in the best way, to gain the best possible marks for the individual student.

Even in the smaller Sixth Form groups it is not always possible to ask questions successfully and have the time for full explanations. One-to-one tuition allows for close examinations of facts and the most effective essay techniques to give rounded answers. High grades can be achieved.
At GCSE our teachers and tutors work on work ethic, understanding and the ability to show knowledge on paper by writing well. Examination practice can increase confidence and marks gained. Close marking, showing areas required, and how to improve them, assure higher marks.

Some teachers cover more than one area Economics and Business Studies, or History and Politics being an example. This can be a distinct advantage when teacher and student are working well together.
There are examination revision courses, as a means to final sharpening up, if needed, in both GCSE and A Level areas. All exam boards, at all levels are covered.