English Literature and Language Tuition

English tutors and tuition imgEnglish Language and English Literature is the basis for all our written work through the school years and on to University. A student who communicates well on paper is one who does so in all of their written subjects, so written English is perhaps the most important skill.

Primary, GCSE and A-Level English Tutors

At Primary level most of our teachers are female, very understanding and kind. They achieve improvement by making lessons fun as well as focusing on written improvement. Children most usually look forward to their weekly lesson and their confidence grows, over time, giving really pleasing progress.

In Secondary schools the curriculum has various levels, usually Foundation and Higher tiers that schools put their students into with a view to final examinations. Recent changes to examinations mean some students are tested often during years nine to eleven, taking modular examinations. There are still final examinations in Year eleven.
To boost performance, confidence and ability over those years, using a teacher or tutor on a one-to-one basis, means that the improvement in both English Language and Literature also affects the quality of work done in other written subjects.

Studying the Poetry Anthology in Years Ten and Eleven can achieve excellent improvement in final gradings. Often, in class, questions cannot be asked or answered and the individual nature of having a tutor does allow for all aspects of each written piece to be thoroughly analysed and understood by the student. It is not surprising, therefore, that confidence and standards improve.

The new International Baccalaureate exams in English at GCSE and A-Level are harder than the conventional GCSE and A-Level. Our teachers are up to speed on the entire curriculum and make the transition to these harder exams smooth and successful. A-Level texts are covered individually and in depth and our teachers/tutors are careful to look at how essays are produced and what points should always be made.