Foreign Language Tuition

Our French, Spanish, German teachers are all Senior Examiners and really are top class individual teachers. We do also cover Italian, Latin, Russian and other languages. Many of our teachers/tutors have over twenty years of school experience and their role as Senior Examiners gives students the chance to benefit from the teacher's long experience of the correct methods used to gain perfect marks. In Oral work, our teachers are involved at the examination stage, in giving their own time, in school, college and University, to groups taking both GCSE and A-Level oral examinations. That experience means that they can pinpoint their own individual students to be able to gain full marks under oral examination.

Within the group there are teachers who are very experienced in Celta, EFL and associated English as Second Language students. They are extremely experienced in teaching English as a Second Language, right through to formal examinations. Their knowledge of the intricacies of the examinations allows their students to improve quickly and do very well on paper, as well as in their spoken English.

It may often be very important that not only are our teachers of long experience and high standard, but that they may be native speakers of a particular language. Some of our teachers are native speakers as well as having those years of experience within English schools.

It may be that individuals, couples, or groups would like to learn conversational French, Spanish, or German for example. We cater for that requirement, making lessons interesting, fun and concentrated upon quick improvement. Guidance is given by teachers/tutors on how to improve between one lesson and another, thus making sessions doubly valuable.

There are pre-examination courses also available, for individual and smaller groups.