York and Harrogate Maths Tuition

york and harrogate maths tuition imgMathematics is covered by the school curriculum from very early Primary Key Stage 1, through Primary Key Stage 2, when SATs examinations occur at Year 6 and then on through Secondary School, peaking at Year 11 GCSE examinations and on into A/S and A/2 Maths exams in the First and second Year of Sixth Form.

Primary and Secondary Maths Tuition

As a group, we cover all of the Primary and Secondary Years, with specialist teachers for all of the school years, so we can help at any age or level between 5 years and 18 years.
Many of our teachers and tutors are examiners with and for the main examination boards, Ed Excel and OCR. They can pinpoint how exam questions should be answered in an order that gains maximum marks.

GCSE and A-Level Maths Tuition

Recent introduction of International Baccalaureate examinations and courses have brought a new challenge for students at GCSE and A-Level, as the degree of difficulty is increased with these more searching tests. Our teachers and tutors are fully researched on these new examinations as well as the current GCSE and A-Levels for each of the examination boards.
Taking modules early at GCSE has complicated work for students and in both modular and linear maths courses, our teachers and tutors are completely up to date with the curriculum needs for all coursework and exams.

The Benefits of Private Maths Tuition

Having a teacher who can explain and guide you on a weekly basis produces great understanding of mathematics courses and final exams and is very much the road to go down, now that employers and universities depend so much on individual students achieving top grades.

For strugglers in mathematics we have understanding teachers, who go more slowly through all sections of work and achieve good results through the system of explanation, example and student participation on their own examples. Underachievers soon grasp the work ethic and thrive when doing constant examples with their teacher, ona one-to-one basis.

Our Primary level teachers are predominantly female, experienced, kind and understanding and their weekly lessons are most often looked forward to by their students.
Past papers for constant referral to the exact requirement for exams at all stages are used by our teachers, to instil confidence over a period of time. Coursework is overseen by teachers and constant revision exercises in all areas of mathematics are taken, to ensure the best possible end result.

We are very much a teacher's cooperative, being a group of local teachers and tutors that enjoy a few hours weekly outside of the constraints of the classroom.

Everyone is CRB and Police checked and lessons can be in your own home.
Holiday revision courses are available for anyone wishing to boost knowledge and technique just before examinations. Teachers and tutors use their students as examiners to give students the best possible chance of the grades they wish to attain.