York and Harrogate Science Tutors and Tuition

Science is studied at school from the Primary level, through Secondary School to GCSE and A-Level. We cover Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Coordinated Science at all the levels covered in Primary and Secondary schools, including the new International Baccalaureate examinations at GCSE and A-Level.

Our Science teachers and tutors are all specialists, many being Senior Examiners for the AQA, OCR and Ed Excel examination boards. They are practising teachers and very capable of producing remarkable improvements in their students' grades.

GCSE and A-Level Science Tuition

At GCSE the picture has become more and more complicated by new modules being introduced, with coursework and examinations being present through Years 9, 10 and 11. Linear examinations and courses still run for some boards. Our teachers and tutors are all completely up to date with all aspects of the curriculum for Primary, Secondary, GCSE and A-Level.

Putting together a group of sciences at A-Level, perhaps with Mathematics, is the basis for entry to Universities of note and interesting courses that lead to good career choices.
Our A-Level specialist teachers of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are high achievers, who lead their students through coursework and examinations and pinpoint the best way to achieve those high grades that give good university choices.

Not everyone can achieve 'A' grades at GCSE and A-Level, so, with that in mind, we also help those students who need to achieve higher grades in the A to C range at GCSE and the lower C to E at A-Level. Using a teacher on a one-to-one basis, to slowly run through all work covered and particularly the work that most challenges the individual, does bring the standard of work produced up and improves their understanding and confidence.

Our teachers use past examination papers to constantly refer to the future exams and to give practice on all the areas covered. We also have examination revision courses that run in the weeks before the exams.