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Art & Design Tutors and Tuition

Art & Design Tutors in York, Harrogate and Surrounding Areas

We cover all aspects of the practical side , including canvas work in different media and use of screen printing and design of blocks for printing.

Sculpture in different materials, including metals and wood and ceramics is done in specialist classes.

In school, drawing using charcoal, crayons and pencils is fostered in class, but having a particular teacher spend time on approach, technique and development of skills, is difficult, so our specialist teachers spend time showing and nurturing students the way to great development.

When school practical work is started, progresses, is finished and made ready for presentation, our teachers work on similar projects, to make sure students are used to what is expected from them and to develop those Art skills that will help set their work apart, at school, and for their private enjoyment, at home and in a studio.

It fosters a love of the subject and a wish to progress. Having a teacher outside of school, as a mentor, helps such a lot.

Sarah has her own Art and Design studio, so students can use her facility for watercolours, oil painting, screen printing and many other facets of design. She also travels to students. Her studio makes it very convenient for preparation and then developing pieces for examination.

COVID 19 Update - 19/01/21

York & Harrogate Tutors are offering on screen / remote lessons as well as socially distanced lessons when appropriate, depending upon the situation when schools are recognised to be back for lessons. We will follow any curriculum or one off exams that are introduced , so everything will be covered properly by our teachers/tutors, whatever the situation brings. Please contact us for more information.

art and design tutor testimonial

We needed extra help for our child and we couldn’t be more impressed with York and Harrogate Tutors. They not only helped improve his grades, but his confidence grew tremendously.

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