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Home Schooling

Home Schooling in York, Harrogate and Surrounding Areas

As a group, we have taken many students through their full exam quota externally because the students, usually on medical or social grounds have not been able to attend school.

Our teachers have stepped in, sometimes to cover a few subjects, but often all of their subjects, running through the whole syllabuses and continuing through to the final examinations.

We always achieve very high grades, mainly because one to one tutoring in all the subjects provides a sound basis for success.

We have, therefore, very good connections with several schools for the placing of these students on their examination schedules as external candidates.

Often, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control ( illness, for example), there is a need for a very kind and understanding approach to school work, coursework and final examinations .Confidence can be very low at first, so it is a delight to us all that so many students have flourished with our tutors, who have been caring mentors to their charges.

Any point of the year can be a starting point--we are aware of educational schedules, organize thoroughly and help immediately.

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I discovered our local group –York and Harrogate Tutors and they sorted out teachers who they knew personally and who had worked as part of their group for years. The outcome was a thoroughly professional job, done so well that both our children, at different ages, are gaining high marks in their subjects that caused them problems before.

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