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Maths Tutors in York, Harrogate and Surrounding Areas

We offer all levels of mathematics tutoring and our experienced tutors, most of whom are currently examiners for exam boards, are perfectly placed to teach the requirements of all the main examination boards (AQA, ED EXCEL, OCR, Cambridge, and Welsh Board).

This close involvement with exam boards means that tutors know exactly what a student must do to achieve the best results. Equally, their knowledge of coursework and exactly how to answer questions is invaluable in building confidence and this quickly translates into improved grades and further confidence.

In addition, our teachers/tutors act as mentors and are there to offer one to one encouragement at every stage of a student's progress. Happy, confident and well supported students perform better.

How is success achieved?

By discussing examples based on the syllabus as well as going back frequently to refresh topics/areas, then using and working past papers over the final weeks, excellent results are achieved. The ability of our teachers to explain exactly what the syllabus is looking for from the student is invaluable.

Whilst we enjoy watching our students gain very high grades, we recognize that students, who may be struggling with aspects of their work, need to work differently and gain confidence more gradually on. So called “strugglers” are very welcome and we are 100% confident that we can make them feel much happier as well as dramatically improving their grades.

The fact that the teaching group has a long standing reputation for success across a range of needs is, in our view, because our teachers are caring and dedicated professionals, with the knowledge, skill and experience to help their young charges.

At Primary level and for those taking SATS Common Entrance and entry to private schools, we have specifically trained teachers to help and all of them are familiar with the exam standards that students will face at year six level.

Our aim is for young students to be happy learning and to gain lots of confidence before examinations. Primary students need a gentler approach and all basic maths principles are followed, explained, and examples constantly worked through until they feel secure; our aim is to work in a fun way, so that children are fully engaged and enjoy their work and are active learners.

COVID 19 Update - 19/01/21

York & Harrogate Tutors are offering on screen / remote lessons as well as socially distanced lessons when appropriate, depending upon the situation when schools are recognised to be back for lessons. We will follow any curriculum or one off exams that are introduced , so everything will be covered properly by our teachers/tutors, whatever the situation brings. Please contact us for more information.

science tutor testimonial

We wanted to help our daughter with her Year 12 maths through the AQA exam board. She found the jump from GCSE quite daunting. The teacher, Sue, was a great mentor with our girl and she very soon increased her grades and enjoyed the subject much more.

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