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York & Harrogate Tutors Reviews

Every year we have the privilege to work with hundreds of children. We take a personal pride in being a stepping stone in your child’s development and are equally delighted to have receive updates and testimonials from parents as below:

We needed extra help for our child and we couldn’t be more impressed with York and Harrogate Tutors. They not only helped improve his grades, but his confidence grew tremendously. We are so pleased and will be using them again. Fabulous service and friendly advice. The teacher was excellent.

Mr Dennis, Harrogate

The jump from GCSE was bigger than my daughter expected and she was disappointed with her grades on the first A/S exams. Two teachers from the group saw her weekly for a five month period and she now relishes the challenge and expects to have good university choices in her second year sixth form. Well done to this very capable group of teachers.

Helen Welsh, Tockwith

Boys seem to not work quite hard enough and so we looked at his lack of care and untidiness and had a female teacher to sort out his overall work. He moved from mediocre general grades to high B and A grades within year ten. I highly recommend their teachers—a good job well done.

S Petch, Fulford

Changes to the syllabus meant the English GCSE became harder , so we asked for a private teacher. She made the subject much more interesting and my son passed on a good grade. Thanks very much.

Paul Whittaker, Knaresbrough.

Always on time and really excellent. Andy was just what we needed—a good pass on Lit and Language. Highly recommended.

Gemma Stuart, York

This group are all individual teachers, attached to different schools within their areas, all school teachers and mostly examiners and specialists in their subjects. We met three different tutors, all at different schools, for maths, English and sciences.They worked individually with my two year ten and eleven girls. The outcome was an improvement of two full grades within the school year. Our youngest child is just leaving Primary school and we will be using this group again for her, at the right time.

Victoria, Knaresborough

My year four boy is dyslexic and dyspraxic, which means he finds coordination difficult in written work and it affects him numerically, also. York and Harrogate Tutors have specialist teachers for this and he is now, after a two term period, coping well and so much better on paper than he has ever been before. They used to take him out of lessons at school, for extra support, which meant he missed mainstream teaching ---that has changed and he is now moving up the class groups in both English and maths.We would advise any parents with similar problems to give this local group a call.

Simon Rose, Dringhouses

We wanted to help our daughter with her Year 12 maths through the AQA exam board. She found the jump from GCSE quite daunting. The teacher, Sue, was a great mentor with our girl and she very soon increased her grades and enjoyed the subject much more.

Andy Thomas, Harrogate.

Sam, my son, struggled with GCSE maths and school didn’t notice because he was a quiet class member . We brought in Andy from the group and he took him through everything slowly, but with great success over a period. Really recommended.

Sarah C, York.

Having fought my way through websites that wanted paying for giving details of teachers and realising they were nationwide businesses who clearly didn’t know any of their teachers, I discovered our local group –York and Harrogate Tutors and they sorted out teachers who they knew personally and who had worked as part of their group for years. The outcome was a thoroughly professional job, done so well that both our children, at different ages, are gaining high marks in their subjects that caused them problems before. Perfect !

Julia Faran, York

Our daughter needed a specialist teacher at A Level, who would teach her how the exam boards wanted questions answering, to get the highest grades. Their teacher did just that and she moved from C grades to two A grades and a B within the first year sixth form—highly recommended.

Mrs S Parry, Ripon

My daughter needed three A grades in sciences and maths at A Level. She was disappointed to be on C’s by second year sixth form. A teacher from York and Harrogate Tutors brought her up to the three A grades by final exams in a six month period. What an achievement!

Mrs J Lane Wetherby

Needing a top grade in A Maths we asked yorkandharrogatetutors to help and Fran did an outstanding job, improving our son to an A Grade in year 13 enabling him to apply for the best universities. Many thanks.

Simon Clarke Wetherby

Tutored at home , our daughter thrived when our recommended English teacher took over. Still continuing , but doing so well. Thank you.

Mary, Harrogate